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Helping Those Injured By Unsafe Products In Alabama

You reasonably assume the products you use will not harm you. When products do injure you, you may have a right to compensation. Champ Lyons, a dedicated products liability attorney, can help you recover the compensation the law entitles you.

Statute Of Limitations

Consult an attorney as soon as you have been injured by a product. By immediately investigating your claim, your attorney can preserve crucial evidence that can help you prove your case. In addition, in Alabama you must file your claim within two years of the time the injury was or should have been discovered. By missing the statutory deadline, you lose your right to recover compensation for your injuries.

Strict Liability Standard

Alabama law recognizes consumers’ rights to purchase and use products with the expectation that they are safe. Through the strict liability doctrine, our attorneys can recover compensation from a manufacturer of an unreasonably dangerous product without proving the company acted negligently. Through methodical discovery techniques, Champ Lyons seeks to establish that a defect in the product caused your injuries.

Resources To Defend Your Rights

Champ Lyons has the resources and skills to defend your rights against large companies. With assistance from qualified medical professionals, he thoroughly investigates each case to plan the most effective strategy. Because he believes that all injured people have the right to competent representation, Champ Lyons accepts cases on a contingency basis, meaning he does not accept payment until he wins your case.

Contact An Experienced Alabama Products Liability Lawyer

Call Champ Lyons, III, P.C., at 205-930-3131 or contact him online. If your injury prevents you from scheduling an appointment in his Birmingham office, Champ Lyons will visit you at your home or hospital to discuss your case.