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Protecting Your Rights After A Slip Or Fall

The negligence of a business or individual can cause a person to slip or fall on private property. A fall from any distance can leave a person with severe injuries and expensive medical bills. Getting these negligent parties to cover medical bills or lost income can be a challenge without the help of a trustworthy attorney.

Trusted Help For Injured People

Champ Lyons, III, P.C., is a Birmingham personal injury firm that helps people across Jefferson County with their premises liability cases. Attorney Champ Lyons has more than 20 years of personal injury experience and a long history of positive results. He will protect your rights and work to maximize your compensation. Call our office now at 205-898-1332 to schedule your free consultation.

A slip or fall can cause many kinds of serious injuries, including:

  • Back, neck and spinal injuries
  • Broken bones and lacerations
  • Temporary and permanent brain damage
  • Cuts and abrasions

No matter what types of injuries you are suffering from, our team will work to hold the negligent parties accountable.

Strategic And Aggressive Legal Counsel

The reality is that most personal injury cases do not go to the courtroom but are ended in negotiation. It is also essential for you to choose an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to the courtroom if negotiations are not fruitful. Because of this, it is important for you to choose a personal injury attorney who is skilled at both negotiations and litigation.

Champ is a knowledgeable litigator who will aggressively pursue your compensation in both negotiations and, if necessary, litigation. He will create a personalized strategy for your case based on the unique details of your premises liability case. Champ will guide you through your legal matter and then work to get you the best possible outcome.

Do Not Wait To Talk To An Attorney

Our skilled lawyer can review the details of your accident and give you an idea of what you can expect from your case. You can schedule your free consultation at our Birmingham office by calling us at 205-898-1332 or by using the contact form. We can travel to meet clients who cannot come to our office.