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Combatting Nursing Home Abuse, One Injured Resident At A Time

It is difficult to remain complacent about nursing home abuse. Most of us realize that someone who has been neglected in a long-term care facility could have been one of our own family members. At Champ Lyons, III, P.C., we understand how to prosecute lawsuits to hold abusers and nursing home operators accountable for their carelessness and negligence.

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A Thorough Investigation Into Every Instance Of Nursing Home Abuse

While investigating cases of nursing home abuse, we discover that the causes often include patterns of understaffing, lack of training and poor supervision of low-wage caregivers. In some cases, supervisors and administrators may have turned a blind eye to negligence and abuse. We will determine every party who was in any way responsible for the abuse and then create a personalized strategy to get justice.

Symptoms And Causes Of Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, both physical and emotional. Neglect and abuse have no place in caregiving for people who need assistance as they advance in age or struggle with disabilities.

Bedsores – also known as decubitus ulcers – are nearly always clear evidence of negligence in long-term care settings. Proper care of a physically challenged elderly or disabled person includes turning them and keeping clothes clean and dry so that sores do not develop.  When decubitus ulcers appear, prompt diagnosis and treatment are critical. Untreated bedsores may lead to sepsis and, ultimately, death.

Other common signs of nursing home neglect and abuse include the following:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Skin tears and unexplained bruising
  • Burns caused by scalding bathwater
  • Medication errors
  • Falls associated with poor supervision or bed-to-wheelchair and wheelchair-to-toilet transfers
  • Injuries – sometimes outside the facility – occurring after residents wander off unsupervised
  • Psychological and sexual abuse

Whatever harm has come to you or your loved one through abuse or neglect in a long-term care facility, our attorney is ready to get to the bottom of it. The first step is a detailed review of the facts and circumstances.

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