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Is the nursing home neglecting your loved one?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

Making the decision to put our loved one in a nursing home is not always easy, but you do so with the right intentions. What happens if your loved one starts to decline in health once there?

Nursing home neglect can happen to anyone at any time, so learning what it means and how to spot it may save your loved one from having to endure it too long.

What is nursing home neglect?

Nursing homes provide care for older people who need round-the-clock assistance. While it is not a hospital, it does have medical personnel present. Neglect happens when a person does not receive the proper attention or care. When a nursing home does not fulfill its obligations to care for its residents, it violates the standard of care. It can do this in several ways:

  • Withholding food or water
  • Failing to bathe or provide proper hygiene
  • Not changing the resident’s body position
  • Ignoring calls for help

What is the impact of neglect on a resident?

When an older person does not get the proper care and, instead, experiences neglect, it can damage the physical and mental health of the individual. Signs of neglect can manifest in various ways. One of the most common reactions is a personality change. If your loved one was social, cheerful and outgoing but is now withdrawn and sad, you may want to find out why.

Nursing home neglect is a form of elder abuse. Facilities that perpetuate this practice should face the consequences, so residents do not have to.



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