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What is a traumatic tattoo?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Several times in your life, you likely fell or slipped and came away with a scrape or abrasion. After a car accident, you may have suffered a more severe type of abrasion that leaves you with a permanent reminder of the crash.

A traumatic tattoo is an abrasion that cuts deep and leaves particles embedded under the skin. Learn what to watch out for and if you will ever heal.

What are the signs of a traumatic tattoo?

If you hit the road with some force due to ejection from the vehicle or motorcycle, you may have scraped and scratched areas of your body. Any uncovered body part that contacts the ground like this may wind up with particles underneath the skin. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, these foreign bodies may travel deep within the body and cause issues.

Is it dangerous?

An abrasion that shaves off the top layer of skin is very similar to a burn. The tendons underneath the damaged skin may shred. The deeper the particles embed, the more dangerous they may become to your health. You may require several surgeries to try and remove some of the damaged tissue to stop surrounding areas from necrotizing. Infection and the risk of discoloration and extensive scarring are likely.

The chances of you recovering fully from a crash that causes this type of damage are slim. Even if the only long-lasting injury is to the area of the body that has endured traumatic tattooing, it may impact your life significantly. You may want to look into what you can do to get financial help during and after these difficult times.



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