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Safety tips for driving in heavy rain

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With the spring thaw approaching, rainy weather will become more frequent, often bringing heavy rains that can put drivers at risk. Driving in the rain, especially heavy rain storms, requires careful actions to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

There are a few key elements to think about when you get behind the wheel in heavy rainstorms.

Do not drive unless you have to

Heavy rain drastically reduces visibility and can increase the risk of hydroplaning. If you do not have to drive in the weather, delay your trip.

Keep your windshield clean

A dirty or hazy windshield will interfere with the limited visibility you have when driving in the rain. Avoid this by keeping your car clean, including the inside of the windshield. Clean windshield glass is less likely to interfere with your visibility.

Avoid using high beams

Your high beams will reflect off of the water on the roads and create glare that can disrupt your vision and hurt your eyes. Keep your headlights on, but only on the low beam setting.

Be mindful of the roadways

Remember that some roads will hold rainwater just below the surface, increasing the risk of hydroplaning when you drive through. Slow down, use caution and avoid low-lying roadways to minimize the risk of flooded roads and safety hazards.

Driving in the rain can be dangerous without proper precautions. Becoming complacent behind the wheel puts you at greater risk of a motor vehicle accident. Consider these tips when you drive in heavy rains to protect yourself and others.



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