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What are the warning signs of infection after a bite?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Animal Bites

Dog bites can have numerous negative impacts on the health of the sufferer. Infection after a bite is just one potential issue, but it is one that often ends up overlooked.

Despite that, it could cause some of the most severe repercussions of any bite effect.

Early infection stages

The CDC discusses potential signs of capnocytophaga infections. This is just one type of bacteria that lives in a dog’s mouth and transfers through the biting process.

This bacteria often just requires mild treatment for any potential infection it causes. However, in some cases, the infection might worsen and grow into something even more severe, especially if left untreated in the early stages.

Capnocytophaga infections – or really any sort of infection – may worsen without treatment. This can lead to issues like necrosis, or the death of tissue. In turn, this may cause gangrene, which necessitates amputation in some cases.

Serious infection repercussions

In others, organs may start to fail and shut down as the body suffers through too much pressure to keep itself running in the face of overwhelming infection. This can cause potential permanent damage to affected organs.

Severe infection may even lead to sepsis. This is an infection of the blood, which can kill a victim within 72 hours of symptoms appearing. Certain types of sepsis have incredibly high fatality rates, as well.

Thus, it is important to have a bite treated medically from the start. This drastically reduces the chance of an infection happening in the aftermath of a dog bite attack.



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