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Signs of canine aggression may be the owner’s responsibility

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | Animal Bites

When you visit someone’s property, you expect the property owner to take necessary precautions to keep you and the other guests safe from harm. Safety precautions include ensuring that the household dog does not harm you or anyone else.

Owners should supervise their dogs, regardless of their temperament, when spending time with guests. If the owner ignores signs of aggression, he or she may be negligent.

Was the dog afraid or overwhelmed?

Some dogs do not handle guests very well. They may be happy to spend time with their families or small groups, but when too many people enter the home, they may become frightened or anxious. Often, fearful dogs may cower, tuck their tail or try to hide from the guests.

Dog owners should never force a dog to spend time with people when the pup looks uncomfortable. If the dog consistently licks its lips, yawns or looks away, it probably feels a lot of stress. Unfortunately, stressed and fearful animals tend to lash out suddenly and can cause serious injuries.

Did the dog seem rigid?

A dog who becomes rigid may be about to attack. Comfortable canines have a loose posture, low ears and a wagging tail. An aggressive dog, on the other hand, may have a high tail and ears and a stiff body. When people approach a stiff dog, the pup may freeze before attacking.

At an event in the dog owner’s home, you should not have to worry about an uncomfortable dog lashing out. The owner has a responsibility to read the warning signs and act before someone becomes seriously injured.



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