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How do frontal lobe injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Frontal lobe injuries serve as one of the biggest potential issues that can come out of a serious car crash. For victims, it is important to understand what this could mean for the path to recovery.

The best first step is to understand how these injuries manifest in the first place and what they look like to each individual.

What does the frontal lobe manage?

Physiopedia discusses injuries to the frontal lobe. The first thing to note is that frontal lobe injuries can look different depending on numerous factors, like the age and health of the victim, the force behind the blow and more.

However, certain areas of the brain will often manifest in similar effects when injured due to the fact that these areas control the same functions in every person.

The frontal lobe, for example, is a cluster of lobes that include the motor, premotor and supplementary motor cortexes, the frontal eye fields, Broca’s Area and the prefrontal cortex.

Together, these areas of the brain hold responsibility for many different parts of a person. This includes voluntary muscle and eye movement, sensorimotor integration, concentration, impulse control, critical thinking, emotional and personality traits, working memory, procedural memory and motor control of speech.

Impacts that may occur

Thus, the areas that get impacted after a frontal injury lobe relate to these key aspects that it controls. Some of the most common reported effects involve personality and temperament changes, with the victim showing unusually aggressive or agitated behavior. Memory function often changes too, with a victim sometimes having to restructure their life to accommodate their memory troubles.

Understanding these impacts can help a person approach recovery in a better and more rounded way.



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