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Should you worry about hot car tires?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have lived in Birmingham for more than one summer, you know how oppressive the heat can be. In fact, according to Weather Spark, the city’s average daily temperature does not drop below 80 degrees until the beginning of October. Staying indoors as much as possible is an effective way to remain cool and comfortable.

No one can stay indoors forever, of course. When you venture out into the heat, you not only must worry about your personal well-being. You also should know how heat can make car tires dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and others.

Heat is a car tire’s worst enemy

The average car tire should last for between three and five years, allowing drivers to log thousands of miles before having to replace it. Still, heat is a car tire’s worst enemy, as it can cause tires to fail prematurely. Indeed, heat is much more unfriendly to tires than extreme cold, often contributing to tread separation, weak spots and even blowouts.

Heat-damaged tires are dangerous

Heat-damaged car tires are extremely dangerous to anyone who is near them. If a tire explodes when a vehicle is traveling at highway speeds, the driver may lose control and crash into other drivers. Furthermore, bits of an exploded tire can become projectiles, potentially causing catastrophic injuries to anyone they hit.

Recovering from the injuries you sustain in an accident involving an overheated tire can be a long and expensive proposition. Ultimately, to help you manage the care you need, you may have legal grounds to pursue significant financial compensation from the car’s owner, driver or insurer.



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