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How can you avoid dooring a cyclist?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dooring is a problem that affects cyclists across the country. Unfortunately, their actions and precautions cannot always prevent these incidents from happening.

It helps if drivers also have an awareness of the problem and take actions to stop them.

What is dooring?

Momentum Mag discusses the issue called dooring, which affects many cyclists who share the road with motorists. Dooring happens when someone – either a passenger or the driver – inside of a parked car opens the door without checking to make sure all paths are clear. In doing so, they open the door directly into, or in the path of, an oncoming bicyclist.

Dangers to a cyclist

This proves dangerous to the cyclist in numerous ways. First, the cyclist may experience bruising, broken bones or other damage due to hitting the door. Some may even get concussions after getting flung over the door and onto the ground ahead. Glass cuts may also occur if the window breaks.

But a bicyclist may also end up pushed out into the road or knocked into it. Other cars in the road may not have time to brake or swerve, which can result in the cyclist getting hit.

To help avoid these crashes, motorists of all sorts can take a few simple precautions. First, always park as far away from bike lanes as possible. Next, check all bike lanes and spaces beside and behind the car before opening doors. This can also prevent a door from getting hit by traffic.

In taking these few extra steps, dooring incidents can end up reduced, which keeps the road safer for everyone.



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