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Common construction accidents in Alabama

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Construction Accidents

In Alabama, construction accidents are the second largest cause of death among workers who suffer work-related tragedies.

A construction site contains many hazards for workers. Workers often have to climb on scaffolds or elevated platforms, work with moving equipment and operate dangerous machinery.

Fall injury

Construction jobs require the completion of tasks at heights above ground level. These heights range from just above a first-floor level to multiple stories in the air. A construction site may involve a trench dug below the ground’s surface. As workers use tools to complete tasks, the byproducts and equipment, such as pooled water, oil or cords, can create hazards for workers walking around. These circumstances make falls a leading cause of injury to workers on a construction site.

Collision with object

At a construction site, workers frequently operate heavy machinery and equipment. As operators maneuver machines around the job site, workers are at risk of getting struck by the equipment. Workers also face hazards from tools and other materials used on the job site as these items can fall and strike employees as they complete their tasks.

Entanglement trauma

Heavy equipment and machinery pose additional hazards to operators on a construction site. If the equipment is not secured correctly, it can collapse and trap workers beneath it or between parts. Equipment operators are also at risk for getting a body part entangled in the machine while it operates.

Workers can minimize accidents on construction sites by following designated safety protocols and proceeding with caution around hazards.



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