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Nursing home standards in Alabama

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse

Sometimes loved ones need care that can only be provided in a nursing home setting. Many nursing homes provide a caring and nurturing environment for their residents, but not all do unfortunately.

It is important for family members to know what standards to consider when reviewing a nursing home. Residents should be clean and appropriately dressed, the facility should be clean and well-kept and the staff should treat the residents with respect.

The facility should have adequate safety features like handrails, call lights and smoke detectors. The lighting, sounds, temperature and other environmental factors should be appropriate as well.

Residents should participate in activities and staff should assist residents during meals.

Facility questions

In Alabama, families can feel empowered to ask questions at the nursing facility. These questions may include the levels of care available to the residents, including personal care and therapy services.

Families may also want to ask if the facility conducts a background check before hiring staff and what type of education is provided to the staff to prevent and detect resident abuse.

Depending on their loved one’s circumstances, families may also want to ask about physician availability and selection.

The Alabama Department of Public Health provides a list of nursing facilities and the results of recent surveys completed by the state, which also may help families determine which facility is right for their loved one.

Nursing home abuse

Despite a family’s best efforts to find a suitable setting, there are sometimes cases of abuse against nursing home residents. Loved ones deserve to be treated with dignity.

If family members are concerned about abuse, an experienced attorney can review the situation and offer advice. The victim may be eligible to receive compensation.




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