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Construction accident trench collapse claims life of worker

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Construction Accidents

A construction accident in an Alabama community north of the Birmingham area recently claimed the life of one construction worker. The trench collapse construction accident claimed the life of one worker according to the local coroner. At the time of the fatal construction accident, the construction workers were working on the trench. The victim was removed from the unstable trench using specialized equipment but was determined to be dead upon arrival. The investigation into the trench collapse is ongoing.

Help for victims of construction accidents

The construction industry is a dangerous industry for construction workers. Workers who are injured on the job, or killed, have legal protections available to them and their families. Depending on who was responsible for the harm they suffered, different options may have available to help them with the difficult days that lay ahead following a construction accident. This is also true for family members left suffering with the unexpected loss of their loved one following a fatal construction accident.

If a third party was to blame for the harm the worker suffered, personal injury legal protections maybe available. In other circumstances, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help. Worker’s compensation may help with lost wages and medical expenses, as well as death benefits, including burial expenses, for surviving family members and loved ones.

Construction workers have the right to expect a safe workplace. When they have been harmed or killed on the job, injured workers and their families should be familiar with the different legal resources to protect them.



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