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Alabama two-vehicle accident kills one

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

An accident in a community near Birmingham left 1 person dead. Authorities will need to continue to search for the driver of the other vehicle, as he ran away from the scene of the accident before law enforcement arrived.

Authorities said that the accident happened on US Highway 78 and close to an intersection. Although local sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate the accident, they said that the driver who fled hit struck the other car and caused a major accident.

The victim, the driver of the car that got hit, was alive when rescuers arrived. They took him to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Hit-and-run accidents raise complicated legal issues

It is sad that the person who may have been responsible for this accident chose to flee rather than do what he could to help. Hopefully, police will be able to catch up with the other driver and will hold him accountable.

However, police did not always catch hit-and-run drivers after an accident. Further, even if police do eventually arrest a suspect, it does not mean that the driver will have adequate insurance or be able to pay compensation.

Depending on what insurance the victim purchased, the victim or the family may have the option of filing a claim for uninsured motorist coverage. The family would have to file this claim against the victim’s own insurance company, and the ins and outs of doing so can get complicated.

However, the reason behind uninsured motorist coverage is that it allows a family to receive compensation if a loved one gets hurt or killed due to another driver’s negligence but that driver does not have adequate means to pay compensation.




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