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Types of damages people can recover in a wrongful death case

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Wrongful Death

While people understand that no one in Alabama lives forever, people do not think about the fact that they may not have a loved one any longer on a daily basis. Especially when people are younger, they do not typically think about life with them. So, if a loved one dies in a fatal accident or because of a disease or illness, it can be very difficult on the family of the victim.

The family will lose a person who provides them love and support that can be almost be impossible to replace. In addition to this, unlike when a family member passes away at an old age, people really do not have time to mentally prepare for their death and what life may be like afterward. On top of all the emotional hardships, the family may also experience financial hardships as the victim may have earned a primary or significant portion of the income for the family.

If the family member dies in a fatal accident, the family may be able to obtain compensation from the person who caused the accident though. This compensation covers mainly pecuniary losses due to the death, but can also include punitive damages and compensation for funeral expenses.

Factors used to Determine Pecuniary Loss

Pecuniary loss typically encompasses all the money the family would have had if the loved one had not died. So, to determine this amount courts must take into account the loved one’s age, job, earning capacity, education level, health at the time of death and other factors. However, pecuniary losses also cover loss of services the loved one provided to the family, loss of parental guidance, lost of inheritances and others. To determine this amount courts factor in the amount the family will need to pay for the services formally provided by the victim.

Losing a loved one in Alabama is difficult no matter when it occurs, but it can be particularly difficult when the loved dies young in a fatal accident. The family can lose a lot of money in addition to the love, support and affection provided by the loved one. Experienced attorneys understand these difficult situations and may be able to guide one through it.



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