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How car drivers can safely share the road with trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse

Crashing with a large truck can be catastrophic.

To decrease the likelihood of colliding with a vehicle that is six times larger than your car, it’s important to pay attention to the trucks you pass on your daily drives. Being aware of your surroundings and learning how to stay out of blind spots may be life-saving measures.

Be observant

The first step to driving safely near truck drivers is being mindful of all motorists on the road with you. When you are driving during rush hour or on a busy street, it will be impossible to keep track of every vehicle you pass. But monitoring the actions of drivers close by can help you prepare to dodge an accident with a vehicle of any size. And giving the road your undivided attention is essential when you position yourself among motorists much larger than you — which is often unavoidable on roadways across Alabama.

Be aware of blind spots

You should also keep in mind that truck drivers see the road a lot different than you. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, truck drivers have four major blind spots. This includes 20 feet in front of their vehicle, 30 feet behind their vehicle and large areas near both side mirrors. In fact, the blind spot on the passenger or right side of a truck is so wide that it extends across two lanes. So, once you spot a truck driver on the road, you should evaluate and adjust your position to stay out of their blind spots. And if you need to pass a truck, you shouldn’t attempt to move in front of it until you are well over 20 feet ahead of it.

Being present and maintaining a safe distance may prevent an irreversible collision with a truck driver.



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