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One killed in collision in Dallas County

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A perpetual debate surrounding car accidents in Birmingham is the extent to which drivers should be responsible for the safety of their passengers. While many may not argue that a driver should ensure that any child they transport remains safely secured in their seats, the issue of whether a driver should be liable for an adult passenger not following safety practices such as wearing their seatbelts remains unclear.

One point that may not be up for debate, however, is that no matter the age of their passengers, drivers are still liable for any reckless actions they engage in behind the wheel. Sadly it is passengers (and, by extension, their families) that often end up suffering the most from such actions.

Selma resident killed in collision

This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Dallas County. A Selma man traveling as a passenger in the pickup truck died after the truck collided with another vehicle. Authorities have yet to report the specific details of the accident (such as whether the driver of the truck the man was traveling in was at fault). That driver also sustained injuries in the accident that left him in critical condition in a local hospital. It is not known whether the driver of the other vehicle also suffered injuries.

Seeking compensation from a reckless driver

When one contemplates seeking compensation from a reckless driver following a car accident, most might assume that action being against a driver that hit them. Yet oftentimes one might have to make the difficult decision of taking action against the driver transporting them (if they believe that drivers’ actions amounted to negligence). Doing so might be easier when one has the expertise of an experienced attorney to rely on.



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