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What are the legal risks of owning a wolf hybrid dog?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Animal Bites, Premises Liability

Living in Alabama gives you the right to own a wolf hybrid dog, and these beautiful animals can be a source of companionship and fascination. Some dogs have only a small percentage of wolf in them, while others were mated directly with a wolf to give them a 50-50 mix. However, as an owner of such an animal, you may be subject to certain responsibilities regarding its training, breeding and handling.

According to Alabama State Legislature, dog owners in the state are liable for injuries their animals cause in an unprovoked attack, such as if they are not on their own property or are not fenced properly and can pursue people or other animals at will. While any dog is capable of biting, wolf hybrids can be especially prone to aggression because of their genetics and may be compelled to chase smaller animals because of their prey drive. As such, the liability risks of owning such a pet may be greater for you when compared to owning a fully-domesticated dog.

If you do decide to keep a wolf hybrid, you may want to protect yourself and others by ensuring the animal is securely confined by a full perimeter fence it cannot climb or dig under. Consider posting warning signs on your home’s fence where they are visible to anyone who approaches your property. Raise your hybrid responsibly by socializing it early and exposing it to as many people and animals as possible, and consider spaying or neutering as a way to reduce aggression, especially in male hybrids.

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