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The myth of the stranger’s dog

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Animal Bites, Premises Liability

When someone suffers from a dog bite in Alabama, the way that you imagine it may be all wrong. Often, people have difficulty imagining their own dogs biting another person or biting someone in their family. In reality, more than half of all dog bites occur due to an interaction with a familiar dog, reports the CDC.

The majority of dog bite sufferers are also children, who may not understand how to interact with a dog. First, you never want to leave young children or babies alone with the family pet. Dogs are most likely to bite out of fear. Children may invoke that fear through ear, hair and tail pulling. Even the mildest mannered dog may snap under pressure. According to the VCA, it may be a normal fear response.

Children may be more wary of strange dogs and will spend more time with the family pet. It is easier for a dog to snap at a child because the child is around the same size. They are at the same level and children are naturally curious of dogs. This can be a great quality as long as the child is playing while the dog is fearful.

The truth is that you have to monitor children even with the family dog. A study showed that 66% of dogs who bit a child had never bitten a child previously. Children can live happily with a dog as a friend for life. However, given children’s unpredictability, it is important to train the dogs to expect how they act without lashing out.



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