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The health implications of a cat bite

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Animal Bites, Premises Liability

When residents of Alabama experience a cat bite, they may not think it’s severe enough to require the attention of a doctor. Unfortunately, the dangers related to cat bites can be hugely underestimated, leading to serious or even life-threatening infections.

Mayo Clinic states that of every three people bitten on the hand by a cat, one ends up requiring hospitalization. Even though the bite wound itself may seem small, especially when compared to bite attacks from dogs, the biggest risk comes from the bacteria that may get into it.

The bacteria in a cat’s mouth are very potent to human beings. Not only that, but their teeth are designed for deep punctures. If a cat seriously bites someone, they can inject bacteria deep below the surface of their skin.

According to Healthline, the hands are particularly susceptible because the body has a harder time fighting off infection there. Swelling and inflammation are common signs that a victim may be suffering from infection, but by the time they appear, the infection could already be deeply rooted within the body.  Rather than waiting until it gets to that point, it is highly suggested that a bite victim visit a medical professional immediately after an attack.

Unfortunately, even taking quick action may not be enough to prevent infection from taking root in a cat bite injury. In these instances, it may be a good idea for the injured to seek an attorney who can help them look into compensation options for their medical costs.



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